Bridport Climate Cafés: Resource List

This offers suggestions for support with climate distress, including resources for young people, and some ways that you could take action. If you would like to see this document online, where the website links will be live, please see

Personal Support

Climate Psychology Alliance: The Get Support section of this website offers various options, including up to three free sessions of therapeutic support, usually by phone or online, also some useful blogs and other material.

Deep Adaptation: this network explores both emotional and practical responses to climate change: the website includes useful resources, and access to online forums. See

Support for Young People

Mind in Somerset offer various services for young people, including in person one to one support in Bridport, and online resources. See

Climate Psychology Alliance: the Get Support of this website has specific sections on resources for young people, and resources for parents, teachers and carers. See this is a website with information and resources for young people, including a list of organisations to go to for additional help.

Taking Action

If you are interested in action to reduce emissions and waste and improve emergency resilience in and around Bridport, check out the following websites:

Seeding our Future: this is a small local organisation working with Bridport Town Council and others to encourage all local residents to engage with responses to the climate crisis. Their website includes a Simple Steps guide to practical local actions everyone can take. They are planning a Climate Response Initiative for Bridport in 2022, and would welcome more volunteers. See more at

  • Bridport Food Matters: one of the main potential impacts of climate change in the UK is likely to be food supplies and prices. This website includes resources on growing your own food, buying local, and affordable food access initiatives. See
  • Transition Town Bridport: this is the largest local environmental organisation, with links to Transition Network. They run a number of initiatives in Bridport, and offer various ways to get involved. See
  • Dorset Climate Action Network, many local initiatives and links.

Policy changes: we live in a democracy! You can help the policy changes we need by contacting your MP and councillors, and supporting lobbying groups and petitions. For example:

  • shows you how to contact your MP and local councillors. Tell them your concerns, the changes you want.
  • have a West Dorset branch, and a list of local Climate Action Groups.
  • highlights many climate-related issues and offers various ways you can support positive action.