Bridport Climate Response Initiative 2022

Summary for consultation

The idea of a Climate Response Initiative (CRI) is being promoted by two local environmental groups, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport, in consultation with the Town Council. All of them believe the current level of active involvement in climate responses is low, and the aim of the CRI is to increase this substantially, to reduce emissions and raise resilience to emergencies such as flooding or power cuts arising from extreme weather.


  • Simple Steps leaflet: This would be a professionally designed leaflet, of 8-12 pages, which could be distributed to all homes in Bridport. The suggested content would include:
    • Basic facts on climate change and how it may affect Bridport
    • Practical steps to reduce home emissions and waste (e.g. food, home energy, travel, etc.)
    • Precautions for emergency events, at home and across Bridport
    • How you could help with community resilience, e.g. volunteering
    • Ways to lobby for policy changes nationally
  • Information resources: better ways to share info, on local initiatives and resources, help available and needed: e.g. via a website and local press/magazines.
  • Events: this could include discussions and workshops for local organisations, drop-in groups and stalls in the market, Food Festival, etc.
  • Climate Response Coalition: this could involve organisations and individuals wanting to participate in the CRI. It could include in-person progress reviews and support meetings every 2-3 months, and online sharing via a WhatsApp or similar group.
  • Volunteer network: climate events like floods or power cuts may happen suddenly, so it’s desirable to strengthen our volunteer support network soon, to work alongside public services.

If you, or an organisation you work with, have any comments on these proposals, or new ideas to add, and if you would like to get involved in taking the Climate Response Initiative forward, please contact Alan Heeks: or 07976 602787.