Climate distress: trauma and Nature immersion

I’m a big fan of Bob Doppelt’s book, Transformational Resilience, which sees individual and collective trauma as one of the biggest, most pervasive issues of our times. Doppelt defines trauma as “an experience (that) seriously undermines or shatters at least some, if not all, of an individual’s core assumptions and beliefs.” He adds “climate disruption … Read more

Climate Change, Uist, and Future Conversations

To change the future we need to change the present, but to do that we need to have the right conversations. That’s exactly what Alan Heeks and Pamela Candea understand when they work with local people using Future Conversations. Recently, Pamela worked with people from the Uist community, using Future Conversations to help outline a … Read more

Navigation aids for a world beyond normal

In the past two years, the world has been rocked by three huge events: covid, the rapid acceleration of the climate crisis, and now by Ukraine. Most of us did not see any of this coming: a few people did, and the ones I know are telling us to brace for more major shocks ahead. … Read more

Seven kinds of community

You and your communities  If you define community quite widely, you are probably part of several. This briefing can help you assess the groups you’re in, and how well they fit your needs. I’ve listed seven kinds of community: as you read this, review how many of these you’re involved in. In some cases, you … Read more

Community insights from ecosystems

Cultivated ecosystems shape natural processes to achieve outputs for us humans: we can learn a lot from the community aspects of Nature. Here are some examples from different settings. Community on the farm Wild margins: This is one of my favourite principles in organic systems. To qualify for organic certification, a farm must leave some … Read more