Transformational Resilience by Bob Doppelt

How individuals and communities can grow through tough times This is one of the few books I’ve read on climate change responses that I’d call encouraging and inspiring.  Doppelt is an unusual character, who works as both a counselling psychologist and an environmental scientist, combined with socially engaged Buddhism.  His book is a good bridge … Read more

Community resilience: systemic solutions

Research, reflections, riddles and more! As the pressures on all of us keep rising, we can see mounting discord about best priorities and solutions.  One of the few topics on which almost everyone agrees is that increasing the resilience of local communities is getting ever more vital.  This has been a focus of my work … Read more

Cracking resilience problems on Eigg

Eigg is a small island in the Hebrides: five miles by three, with 100 inhabitants.  Try adding to your resilience challenges: harsh climate, high transport costs, poor soil, and … a series of despotic landlords. However the gift was in the problem: the despots provoked Eigg’s people into creating the first community land buyout in … Read more

BOOK BLOG: From What Is to What If, by Rob Hopkins

We Need to Reclaim and Reboot our Imaginations As the Covid crisis continues, there are many influences nudging us towards brain mush, despondency, helplessness. This well-evidenced book from Transition Network’s founder highlights those influences, and offers plenty of real-life examples of what’s still possible. His overview of the current mess (climate crisis, social inequalities, ecological … Read more

Great Dream: Ten Keys to Happier Living

This is published by Action for Happiness, probably the biggest UK network focussed on happiness.  It may be stretching things to call it a book; it’s a 28-page free download from their website,   Along with the ten keys, all helpful, the book suggests ways to use them, for example creating a local group, or … Read more