The Searching Spirit Centre

Exploring meaning and purpose in crisis times

These are times of crisis and breakdown, when it’s hard to find a sense of meaning and purpose in our own lives, or in the bigger picture. This is a vision for a place to help people searching at the level of spirit or soul, for a higher purpose that’s beyond personal and material concerns.


A small core community, welcoming searchers to stay for 1 week to 6 months; rooted in Nature, growing much of its own food. Guests will be part of the community, helping with the market garden and cooking, and with space and support for spiritual exploration and learning.

We aim to offer guests an experience of teaching practices from several spiritual traditions, such as Christan prayer, Buddhist meditation, Sufi singing, Celtic Nature contact, without any establishment dogma.

We also aim to help guests learn skills they may need for the uncertainties ahead: how to strengthen communities under pressure; how to adapt as stability erodes; as well as food growing and craft skills.

Whilst there’s plenty to worry about in today’s world, our hope is to find strength and joy in our contact with each other, with Nature, and with the sacred: to nourish a belief in positive change, and help make it a reality.


A small group are exploring possible locations in Powys, Mid Wales, and looking for a few more people who’d like to be actively involved in growing this vision to reality. If you’re interested to explore this, please contact Alan Heeks: , 07494 203014. Those involved so far include:

Alan Heeks: founder of Magdalen Farm Trust, Seeding our Future.
Simon Lockett: pioneer priest, started Golden Valley Pilgrim Way.
Will Beharrell: founder of Fathom Trust