How do we find the spiritual roots of resilience?

There’s so much talk about resilience these days, but little of it explores spiritual sources. My focus is resilience in everyday life: how we can stay steady, and grow through daily stress and bigger crises. There’s plenty of research to show that people who feel a higher sense of purpose, who have a spiritual path, … Read more

Teach your children well

What do younger generations need to learn? Do you ever wonder how we can help to prepare young people for the future they face, and whether what they learn at school really helps this? These questions become more acute as the climate crisis intensifies, and we know that its impact in various ways is severe … Read more

Bridport Climate Forums Report

Bridport Climate Forum Event Report In-person forum Tuesday 23 November and online forum Wednesday 24 November 2021 1.   Background Over 40 representatives of organisations in Bridport attended two Bridport Climate Forums, held in-person and online in November 2021. The Forums were organised by two local environmental groups, Transition Town Bridport and Seeding our Future, with … Read more

Bridport Climate Response Initiative 2022

Summary for consultation The idea of a Climate Response Initiative (CRI) is being promoted by two local environmental groups, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport, in consultation with the Town Council. All of them believe the current level of active involvement in climate responses is low, and the aim of the CRI is to … Read more

Digging into Regenerative Agriculture

A model of de-intensification for humans too! Ever since I co-founded an organic farm in 1990, I’ve tried to stay aware of trends in sustainable farming. The latest is regenerative agriculture: there’s a lot of hype and froth around this, so I recently visited two farms who are doing it for real. One is a … Read more

COP 26; A Professional’s view

By Raja Jarrah Raja Jarrah has attended several previous COP meetings as a professional participant, working with CARE International for several years. He is now based in Bridport, and part of the Seeding our Future team. COP26 was not a resounding success in advancing the global effort to deal with climate change. For some observers, … Read more

Bigger views on the climate crisis

Guest blog by Palden Jenkins Alan Heeks writes: Palden is an old friend, who plays a Merlin-like role in my life, popping up periodically with cryptic insights. He’s a deep thinker out of the box, a seer and astrologer, who usually offers a radically different point of view. If you’d like a further-out, interplanetary view … Read more