The Searching Spirit Centre

Exploring meaning and purpose in crisis times These are times of crisis and breakdown, when it’s hard to find a sense of meaning and purpose in our own lives, or in the bigger picture. This is a vision for a place to help people searching at the level of spirit or soul, for a higher … Read more

Nourishing body and soul

Reinventing spiritual community We live in a time of impending crisis, when I hear many people urging the need for sanctuary, hospicing, and a deeper sense of community. Implicit in such words, but rarely discussed, is the huge spiritual vacuum in our relentlessly materialistic society. Role models for what we need aren’t obvious, but I’d … Read more

Garden hamlets: a sane response to crazy times

Improving food security and affordable housing supply There’s a widespread view that strengthening local communities will be crucial in the years ahead, to help us all to adapt to increasing levels of disruption, including food supplies, utilities, weather patterns, and more. Clearly we need to raise the resilience of existing communities: but after three years … Read more

Growing through Climate Change: practical advice for farmers and growers

Climate change is already impacting food supplies, and is forecast to create much greater disruption in the years ahead. Seeding our Future commissioned research to understand both the threats and the scope for positive adaptation: two versions are available, one for Wales and the Borders, one of the focus areas for Seeding our Future’s work, … Read more

Can we choose our destination?

Life’s speeding up, intensifying: then what? At heart, I’m an optimist and I try to believe that life has meaning and purpose. Those beliefs are half-drowned right now, and I’m writing this blog in the hope of reviving them… If we think of the past five years, life for many of us has been overshadowed … Read more

Finding the Gifts in Bewilderment

I invite you to imagine that the bewildering, alarming events of recent years have positive aspects which we need to discern: why not try? Like me, you may have attempted to make sense of all this by rational means, and failed. Whilst specific crises may resolve, the ongoing level of disruption will probably keep growing. … Read more

Why I love Hay-on-Wye

A town of eccentrics, for eccentrics My wife and I spent eight months looking hard for a house in north-west Herefordshire, and researching the area. Having failed to find one, we took a snap decision to buy across the border in Wales. We knew little about Hay-on-Wye, but after a few weeks, we’re loving it. … Read more

Sacred Land Cultivation

Restoring our bond with Mother Earth I’m writing to share a vision with you which feels increasingly vital for our survival. This vision interweaves two ideas which I see discussed increasingly, but only rarely connected. One is the urgent need to increase local food production in the UK (especially vegetables, fruit, proteins), as climate change … Read more