Exploring the Future, some more…

Why organic navigation is better than analytical prescription In recent years, I’ve spent quite a lot of my time exploring the future outlook: recently, I feel I’m getting some valuable insights, at a time of massive change and uncertainty, when it seems that most people (and governments) can’t or won’t consider the future and how … Read more

Our food 1200

Is an inspiring, visionary and down-to-earth plan to get 1200 acres of land in South-East Wales dedicated to growing vegetables and fruit for local markets. The benefits include reducing the current extreme vulnerability to imports, boosting the local economy (far more value added per acre), and substantially reducing carbon emissions. See more here on Our … Read more

Book blog: Breaking Together by Jem Bendell

Are we facing collapse, or merely huge disruption? This is an important, useful book which should help you think more clearly about the future outlook, and about the complex systems that we all depend on (climate, economy, food supplies and more), which are all under stress and may change radically. I’ve had some involvement with … Read more

Garden hamlets: a sane response to crazy times

Improving food security and affordable housing supply There’s a widespread view that strengthening local communities will be crucial in the years ahead, to help us all to adapt to increasing levels of disruption, including food supplies, utilities, weather patterns, and more. Clearly we need to raise the resilience of existing communities: but after three years … Read more

Embracing the future – plenty we can do!

Insights from new Future Risks report   It’s hard to make sense of the future outlook: there are so many issues, risks and trends which could worry us, at every scale from local to global. And we have to discern real news from fake news, objective facts from mountains of self-interested spin. So I’m pleased … Read more