Elderhood: A Sacred, Earthy Calling?

Elderhood: A Sacred, Earthy Calling? A men’s peer group: December 1-3 Llanthony Valley, Black Mountains, Wales  We’re living in a world of rising crisis and turmoil. We’re growing older, we have some talents and resources, but limited time here. How do we use them? What’s the balance between nourishing our souls/the inner life, and doing … Read more

The Seven Seeds Ecosystem Model: Cultivating resilience and sustainability for people and organisations

The Seven Seeds is a unique approach using parallels with cultivated ecosystems to help individuals, teams and organisations to grow their resilience and their sustainability for both human and environmental resources. Alan Heeks has evolved this model through many years of workshops, and can facilitate tailored sessions for a range of client groups, from a … Read more

Tailored Retreats in the Welsh Mountains

A tailored retreat means that an individual or small group choose their own dates for exclusive use of a magical small retreat centre in Wales. Alan will run a couple of sessions each day, drawing on his unique Natural Happiness model, and tailoring the retreat to your issues and questions. You will have most of … Read more