Seeding our Future (SOF) is a non-profit initiative, started in 2017.  The founder and main funder is Alan Heeks, a social entrepreneur and writer. Alan has been exploring resilience for many years: he has led numerous workshops on this theme, and set up Hazel Hill Wood, a residential centre showing how to learn resilience from natural ecosystems. Since 2018 he has worked closely with the Deep Adaptation approach, exploring in particular how this can support individuals and local communities. Alan is passionate about the role of community in raising resilience, and draws on wide experience of intentional communities, including initiating and living in a cohousing neighbourhood, the Threshold Centre

The overall aim of Seeding our Future is to work as a pioneer and catalyst: identifying new issues, running pilot projects, achieving proof of concept and then sharing our experience through train-the-trainer programmes or online resources to encourage others to use them. A distinctive aspect of our approach is using contact with Nature as a catalyst, helping people to open to new viewpoints and learn from the resilience of ecosystems.

Our partner organisations include the Schumacher Institute, Westminster Centre for Resilience and others.