Bridport Climate Cafés: Resource List

This offers suggestions for support with climate distress, including resources for young people, and some ways that you could take action. If you would like to see this document online, where the website links will be live, please see Personal Support Climate Psychology Alliance: The Get Support section of this website offers various … Read more

Growing through Climate Change: Research Report

Climate change is already impacting food supplies, and is forecast to create much greater disruption in the years ahead. Seeding our Future commissioned this research to understand both the threats and the scope for positive adaptation, especially in South-West England, one of the focus areas for Seeding our Future’s work. This report shows how adaptive … Read more

Deep ecology: a way to face the future

If you’re working with hazardous materials, you need good methods and equipment. The future really is hard to face: it can easily feel bleak and overwhelming. Many people feel pain and despair about the state of the world and the environment, and blank out to avoid these feelings. One of the best processes I’ve found … Read more

The 9 Dimensions of Super-Resilience: the key to enjoying your 2020’s

Would you agree that for most people, life and work have become a lot more demanding and uncertain in recent years? And is that trend likely to grow in future? If so, what’s the positive response to the challenge? This is what I’m calling super-resilience. Currently, I see many individuals, communities and work teams struggling … Read more

Using humour to defuse tensions

Do you ever feel that you spend hours in a state of high alert, where one more hassle feels like the last straw? The research quoted in our November issue (book blog – Your Brain On Nature) shows that many of us do indeed spend far too long in this state. To help you wind … Read more

Discerning, Valuing, Tolerating

Here are some specific ways to handle a crisis situation, whether personal, local or national. Discerning Beware of scapegoats and puffball simplistic solutions: they both pop up in many crises. Realise that you and other are heated about this situation, and common sense may have flown out the window.  Start by calming yourself down: mindfulness … Read more

Food impacts due to climate change

A compilation of some of the available information as at April 2019 In alphabetical order by source, not all used in preceding pages Introduction This document presents some available information on near-term impacts to global food systems due to Climate Change.  Following an outline of the main points is a list of the references used … Read more

Future outlook: overview of resources

This is Alan’s shortlist of useful resources on Future Resilience. Impacts of Climate Change It seems that there is little research on impacts, using the latest data on the acceleration of climate change itself. Many experts expect food supplies ot be the major impact of accelerating climate change: this is explained in a 2019 paper … Read more