Whatever Next: Risk Review – UK 2030

This new report was commissioned by Seeding our Future and the Schumacher Institute. It is based on online research using the best available forecast data to highlight the specific aspects of eight key risks likely to affect the UK by 2030, and to outline practical responses to these issues. The aim of the report is … Read more

Creating community land for farms: online toolkit

For groups and communities wanting to buy land for local food production, there’s now a comprehensive online toolkit at www.communityfarm.land. It has been created by the Ecological Land Co-operative and Co-op Culture, who have assisted dozens of projects to get started. The website is well-organised, and includes sample document formats, lists of organisations and advisors, … Read more

Bridport Climate Cafés: Resource List

This offers suggestions for support with climate distress, including resources for young people, and some ways that you could take action. If you would like to see this document online, where the website links will be live, please see www.seedingourfuture.org.uk/category/resources. Personal Support Climate Psychology Alliance: www.climatepsychologyalliance.org. The Get Support section of this website offers various … Read more

Growing through Climate Change: Research Report

Climate change is already impacting food supplies, and is forecast to create much greater disruption in the years ahead. Seeding our Future commissioned this research to understand both the threats and the scope for positive adaptation, especially in South-West England, one of the focus areas for Seeding our Future’s work. This report shows how adaptive … Read more

Using humour to defuse tensions

Do you ever feel that you spend hours in a state of high alert, where one more hassle feels like the last straw? The research quoted in our November issue (book blog – Your Brain On Nature) shows that many of us do indeed spend far too long in this state. To help you wind … Read more