Cultivating Community – the time is ripe!

Insights from Glastonbury… Yes, we’ve been talking about strengthening communities for years, but now we really need them. This blog shares insights from two sources: one is the Deep Adaptation Conference held in Glastonbury in June 2023, the other is the impressive community resilience initiatives happening in and around the town of Glastonbury. The conference … Read more

Garden hamlets: a sane response to crazy times

Improving food security and affordable housing supply There’s a widespread view that strengthening local communities will be crucial in the years ahead, to help us all to adapt to increasing levels of disruption, including food supplies, utilities, weather patterns, and more. Clearly we need to raise the resilience of existing communities: but after three years … Read more

How to start a community project

Seven steps up the learning curve! Since 1990 I’ve been involved in several projects with a strong community flavour: some are still going strong, some have struggled and petered out. This blog offers you seven insights I’ve gained over the years, mainly from projects which were place-based, i.e. creating a physical focus like a cohousing … Read more

Seven kinds of community

You and your communities  If you define community quite widely, you are probably part of several. This briefing can help you assess the groups you’re in, and how well they fit your needs. I’ve listed seven kinds of community: as you read this, review how many of these you’re involved in. In some cases, you … Read more