The 9 Dimensions of Super-Resilience: the key to enjoying your 2020’s

Would you agree that for most people, life and work have become a lot more demanding and uncertain in recent years? And is that trend likely to grow in future? If so, what’s the positive response to the challenge? This is what I’m calling super-resilience. Currently, I see many individuals, communities and work teams struggling … Read more

A hopeful dream of 2030: The National Elf Service

Resilient Futures Blo In December 2029, the UK’s National Health Service shut down permanently, without any protest. It had been replaced by the free of charge, private sector National Elf Service, now emulated across the globe. Central to the NES is the personal Elf app which everyone has on their mobile phone. This monitors its … Read more

Train the Trainer Workshop

Future Conversations Train the Trainer Workshop   LONDON: January 15-17 Are you working in a community that faces challenges? Want to learn more on how to host conversations to become more resilient for the future together? The changes we’re facing in the next two or three decades are complex, often contradictory, and can feel daunting. … Read more

Brexit: An Uncivil War – TV docudrama

Brexit: an uncivil war

In hindsight, what could possibly go right? This 2-hour programme from Channel 4 is well worth seeing. Not only will you learn how we all got into the Brexit crisis, it will show you how the present and future game of politics is played. Let’s start with what this tells us about modern politics: There … Read more