Living with the intolerable

Like me, you may be finding the Israel-Gaza crisis unbearable. There is so much anguish in the atmosphere, and most of us have a gnawing sense of helplessness. So how can we live with intolerably painful situations like this? There are no easy ways, but I’d like to share my experience.   Life these days … Read more

Is Britain heading for a food emergency?

Probably… and how can we prepare?   By food emergency, I mean a prolonged period of serious food shortages, and/or extreme food price inflation. My glimmering worries about this were crystallised by a recent seminar at Abergavenny Food Festival, including Professor Tim Lang, one of the UK’s wisest experts on food security. Many of us … Read more

Losing control – the nomad way of living

A different approach to future happiness One of my big life-changing experiences was co-leading a dozen retreats in the Tunisian Sahara with Bedouin guides. They had grown up as true nomads, moving around the desert with their camels and goats, but now living mostly in a town because many desert wells had dried up. Our … Read more

Bridport Climate Fellowship Circle – November 3

Mutual support and higher guidance for uncertain times The worsening climate crisis, as well as Ukraine and other situations, are a valid reason for alarm, bewilderment, and other difficult feelings, and… this is also a chance to find mutual support and take positive action amid the turbulence. The idea of the Fellowship Circle is to offer a safe and creative … Read more

Nature Immersion Course for GPs: March 23-24, 2023

The Devon venue and facilitators for these programmes will be the same as the October 2021 group described below, and the content will be broadly the same. Details of how to book will be available in early 2023. For indicative details, click here. Please note that the course is only open to Tamar and Wessex … Read more

A hopeful dream of 2030: The National Elf Service

Resilient Futures Blo In December 2029, the UK’s National Health Service shut down permanently, without any protest. It had been replaced by the free of charge, private sector National Elf Service, now emulated across the globe. Central to the NES is the personal Elf app which everyone has on their mobile phone. This monitors its … Read more