Natural Happiness: Use Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself

April 19-21, 2024 at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, Stroud

In these uncertain times, this workshop will help you deepen your roots and grow your resilience. With sessions in Hawkwood’s gardens, you’ll experience how organic skills like composting, mulching, and co-creativity can feed your wellbeing amid daily stresses and big issues like climate change. Based on Alan’s new book, which harvests his work in organic farming and forestry.

Facilitator: Alan Heeks

Alan has been exploring resilience with people and nature for many years, and has led many groups on this theme, drawing on experience of resilient natural systems from creating an organic farm and setting up Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury.

Cost: Accommodation at Hawkwood is available if required. Please be sure to select the ‘Residential’ option when booking.
Residential (single): £400.00 (£150 deposit)
Residential (shared): £350.00 (£150 deposit)
Non-residential: £280.00 (£150 deposit)

Timings: from 4pm on Friday April 19 until 4pm on Sunday April 21.

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