Bridport Climate Response

Seeding our Future is working with a small core team and a number of local organisations to launch a programme of activities in spring 2022. The overall aim is to raise awareness, motivation and practical actions by households in responding to the climate crisis, and to draw on inputs from young people, voluntary organisations and local businesses to assist this. This work is based on consultations with local voluntary groups in the Climate Forums in November 2021, and with individuals in September 2021. This programme is currently under development: key elements are likely to include:

  • New website: consultations have shown a strong desire for a single location with info about the many local projects already happening, plus resources, advice and events. We will be compiling a directory for the website of all the local organisations involved in some aspect of responses to climate change: if you would like yours included, please email us at .
  • Free workshops: BCR can run workshops for local groups to help people understand and explore the practical actions they can take to minimise emissions and waste, reduce their costs, and help the community. If you are interested in a workshop, please contact Alan Heeks.
  • Communications campaign: we aim to reach as many local people as possible using social media, and local magazines and press. Please visit and like our Facebook page here.
  • Involving young people: our consultations showed a widespread concern in Bridport that climate change will hit young people especially hard, and an awareness that many young people feel their views on the crisis are not being heard. Hence we are seeking ways to involve young people, and enable them to share their views through this project. If you are a young person who would like to be involved in this process, please contact us.
  • Information leaflet: for our short leaflet on mitigating and adapting to climate change click here. For our longer briefing leaflet, Simple Steps, click here.
  • Networking and Bulletin: we aim to create a sense of momentum, involvement and mutual support through quarterly networking meetings and a monthly e-newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, which will include info on networking and other events, please click here. You can view our most recent bulletin here.
  • Crowdfunder appeal: to provide enough capacity to have a meaningful impact, we plan to launch a Crowdfunder appeal later this year. This will cover professional costs for communications, website set-up, and coordinating with volunteers and local organisations. If you can help us run this appeal, including offering any Rewards for donors, please contact us.

The Bridport Climate Response relates to several other initiatives which Seeding our Future is involved in:

  • Bridport Food Matters: many experts expect that disruption to food supplies will be a major impact of climate change in the UK over the next 5-10 years. Bridport Food Matters is a communication and information network which aims to be a catalyst for positive change and a provider of information and resources on food matters in the Bridport area. See more at
  • A Bridport guide to climate response: this is a draft document produced by Seeding our Future, drawing on inputs from both local and national contacts – its aim is to encourage everyone, especially those feeling overwhelmed or bewildered by climate change, to take practical action, especially regarding food, home energy, travel, emergency support, and other local initiatives. To see the latest version, click here. For a report on the September 21 open meeting about local climate responses, click here.
  • Climate Fellowship Circle, Thursday March 17: This is a pilot session for a potential ongoing monthly group, for up to 12 people. The idea of the Fellowship Circle is to offer a safe and creative space to explore both of these aspects. Timing 6-8pm in central Bridport. If interested, please see more here or contact Alan Heeks via email or telephone 07976 602787.
  • Climate Forums: On November 23 and 24, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport organised two Forums in Bridport, with inputs and help from the Town Council. Representatives from around 40 organisations were involved in consultations on potential elements for a Climate Response Initiative in Bridport next year, see report here.