Bridport Climate Responses

Seeding our Future is involved in several initiatives aiming to help the Bridport community respond to climate change and raise its resilience. The hope is that these will not only benefit the local population, but will also provide experience and role models which can help more widely. Currently there are five initiatives, summarised below:

  • Simple Steps: practical local responses: Simple Steps is a draft document produced by Seeding our Future, drawing on inputs from both local and national contacts – its aim is to encourage everyone, especially those feeling overwhelmed or bewildered by climate change, to take practical action, especially regarding food, home energy, travel, emergency support, and other local initiatives. This document is intended to provide a focus for both the Climate Forums and the Climate Response Initiative. To see the latest issue, click here. For a report on the September 21 open meeting about local climate responses, click here.
  • Bridport Climate Response Initiative: this is an emerging plan for a major initiative starting in early 2022, with key players including Bridport Town Council, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport. It would build on other initiatives described above, with the aim of reaching as many local households as possible. The CRI would be a major focus of consultation in the Climate Forum described above. For more about the potential CRI plan, see summary or detailed blog.
  • Climate Forums: On November 23 and 24, Seeding our Future and Transition Town Bridport are organising two Forums, with inputs and help from the Town Council. The intention is to invite representatives from organisations of all kinds, to consult with them and work through them to increase substantially the number of local households involved in reducing emissions and waste, and in raising emergency response resilience.
  • Climate cafés: a climate café is an informal, supportive space where you can talk about your feelings about climate change. Two pilot groups are planned in Bridport for November 18 and December 9, see more info here. For more details and context, see this blog.
  • Bridport Food Matters: many experts expect that disruption to food supplies will be a major impact of climate change in the UK over the next 5-10 years. Bridport Food Matters is a communication and information network which aims to be a catalyst for positive change and a provider of information and resources on food matters in the Bridport area. See more at