Worried about the forests? How we can help

Have you seen David Attenborough’s excellent recent documentary on climate change? The most shocking part for me was learning the extent of deforestation still going on across the world, and his statement that 30% of all emissions are due to deforestation: presumably including forest fires.

My concern was deepened at an international climate change conference held at Easter 2019 in Scotland. Hearing in person from tribal leaders, such as Haru from the Kuntanawa tribe in Brazil about the devastation of their forests and their livelihoods was gut-wrenching.

One of my commitments from all this is to do what I can for the forests. Preserving ancient forests is crucial, as they are highly evolved, complex ecosystems. Reforestation is also vital, for carbon capture, managing rainfall and soil erosion and lots more. So this blog is a listing of projects I know of in this sector, and invitation for you to add others.

  • Rainforest Concern: This is a registered UK charity, working since 1993 to protect threatened habitats and indigenous people, especially forests in Central and South America. Recommended by Alan Featherstone Watson, founder of Trees for life. See www.rainforestconcern.org
  • Kuntanawa Tribe: A small indigenous tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, needing financial support to protect their ecosystem and their self-sustaining way of life. See www.kuntanawa.org
  • Greenpeace: A leading campaigner against deforestation, among many other issues. Especially strong on opposing illegal intrusions by large businesses. See www.greenpeace.org
  • Rainforest Trust: This is a charity registered in the US and UK, where you can donate money specifically towards buying land in a range of locations where the ecosystem or specific wildlife species are endangered. See www.rainforesttrust.org
  • International Tree Foundation: A UK charity who I have worked with and can personally recommend. They work with communities to create local tree-planting schemes in Africa and the UK. See www.internationaltreefoundation.org
  • Tree Sisters: This is a women’s network across many countries raising funds to restore tropical rainforests. See www.treesisters.org
  • ReSCOPE/Seeding Schools: This is a small charity working in six countries in Southern and Eastern Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. They work with schools to promote organic and permaculture farming methods, especially needed because of the recent severe drought and cyclones. See www.seedingschools.org