Woodland Resilience Immersion Retreat For Doctors

Nature-based ways to resource yourself and your practice

Tuesday 20th July at 5pm until Thursday 22nd July at 5pm
Single accommodation. Vegetarian food locally sourced where possible. Total £275

The impact of prolonged overload, COVID working and the stress of facing ever-rising demands with shrinking resources, is calling us to respond creatively. This Woodland Resilience Immersion will offer you some insights and skills, and different ways for raising resilience and nourishing wellbeing.

In 2018, Westminster Centre for Resilience recognised that health professionals need something more than the typical half-day resilience session in an urban training room. Hazel Hill Wood is an off-grid conference centre set in a 70-acre wood near Salisbury. Hazel Hill Trust and Westminster Centre for Resilience have jointly developed a woodland retreat programme. We have many years’ experience of delivering nature-based resilience programmes for front-line services. The next two-night, 48-hour residential Woodland Immersion will offer a unique combination of our teams’ expertise.

There is growing evidence for the benefits of Nature contact in offsetting high levels of stress, ‘Directed Attention Fatigue’, information overload, and excessive ‘screen time’. The pilot programmes at Hazel Hill – evaluated by Westminster Centre for Resilience – showed statistically significant impacts. There is a brief summary below.

  • Find peace in a beautiful 70-acre woodland – healing/nourishing in its own right
  • Try a range of ‘forest bathing’ and mindfulness techniques
  • Explore what nature’s cycles can teach us about our resilience as human ecosystemsTime to experience some movement, including some brief practical conservation work
  • To feel nourished by being part of a transitory community of shared experience
  • Applying the neurophysiology of the recovery response
  • Campfire circles: personal/professional stories of living in turbulent times
  • Time for resting and to share good food


David Peters worked for many years as a GP, and since 2000 in a range of professional and research roles in the NHS . He co founded and directed the Westminster Centre for Resilience (WCR), where he is now Emeritus Professor. https://www.londonfirst.co.uk/newspublications/blog/what-a-university-can-do-resilience-and-leadership-in-challenging-times

Marcos Frangos has many years’ experience as a person-centred counsellor, and in groups working with ecosystems as a model for human resilience: http://www.wellspringchange.com

For information please email David Peters.

Link to Nourishing the Frontline Resilience: Intensive Preliminary Evaluation