Bridport Climate Forums

Bridport Climate Forums

Consultation sessions with community organisations and networks

In person: November 23, 5.30-7.00pm
Online: November 24, 7.00-8.30pm

These consultation meetings are being hosted by two local environmental organisations with support and input from Bridport Town Council. The aim is to bring together local organisations and networks of all kinds to explore together how we can enable our local community to respond to the growing climate emergency, including both emissions and waste reduction, and emergency resilience.


This message from our Mayor, Ian Bark, explains why we are asking you to join us.

Bridport is a very special place with a strong sense of community that has seen us through the pandemic with a mix of public service and volunteers. Bridport has many active voluntary groups, a mark of the resilience of our town and the ability to organise to help others. Now we have another emergency that we need to prepare for. Climate change will affect our food supplies, health, public services  and our whole livelihood, but there are plenty of practical steps we can all take to reduce its impact.  We should be able to use our resilience to  reduce the risk of climate change, and to be ready for the effects as they come.  I therefore support this plan to convene two Forums for community groups and voluntary organisations of all kinds in Bridport to discuss what we can do with our combined forces.

Along with most other local authorities, Bridport Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency, in May 2019. Recent weather events and reports show that the climate crisis is accelerating: the purpose of these Forum meetings is to seek your advice and active help in widening local residents’ involvement in climate responses: both reducing waste and emissions, and in improving our preparedness for emergency events such as floods or power cuts. Widespread citizen engagement will be required to achieve the transformations demanded by the climate emergency and in these Forums we want to consult you on ways that your organisation could help with this, and what steps you would like the Town Council and the community as a whole to take. 

Ian Bark,

Please use the following Eventbrite links to book your place on one of these events, which are free of charge:

For more information on the kind of practical responses we hope to explore, follow this link.