Transformation goaded by crises: Palden Jenkins

A bigger view of our possible future…

Alan Heeks writes: Palden is an old friend, who plays a Merlin-like role in my life, popping up periodically with cryptic insights. He’s a deep thinker out of the box, a seer and astrologer, who usually offers a radically different point of view

There is no rational basis to expect the climate crisis to reach a ‘solution’ on the material level: adverse change is too far advanced, and the gap between the level of actions which would be needed, and what is actually happening, remains huge. However, I think material-plane transformation, in societal, economic and environmental terms, is crucial and within the current crisis something new is being created, and some of its signs are already here.

But I think the solution is not rational. It’s to do – seriously – with miracle-working. Changing the rules. Or realigning Earth to an overriding set of rules whereby suddenly a problem and a crisis changes radically, deproblematising and becoming a new landscape. I am sure we have all seen this in smaller groups and moments of intensity, and the issue here is the miraculous engineering of a global situation which pushes humanity into a state of mind that becomes synergised and harmonised into one wish. To survive and flourish, irrespective of anything that has happened up to that point.

Esoterically, this invokes a kind of divine intervention. Also a mass psychic synergy, generated possibly through initial fear, which latches into a co-resonance, which in itself makes magic happen. This is at heart a spiritual process, but it reaches out into all domains of life. And one of the mechanisms goading us forward will be crises – waves of them, and escalating. But, think of divine intervention: the point is to change things sufficiently that they move, but not so much that they create disaster and render humans seriously dysfunctional. The key is the lessons learned and the deep decisions made. It’ll be coming in waves, and the first in this series was Covid – and all and everything that goes with it. In fact, in history, the Covid will hardly be remembered – what matters is that the cascading avalanche of global changes started here.

But on a human level this applies to change and reform in every department, and this is dreadfully slow, and people and powers that be resist. But change is happening anyway, if only via the passing of the generations. And circumstances are pushing things that way, week by week, in big and small details. And the rub is: we have been given a Big Question, or bundle of them, to which there is No Answer. Everything we think up as a solution and an explanation will prove unhelpful. We are being taught how to lose control. How to increase our resilience on all levels. This is a prerequisite to further developments. But, as with slalom skiing, by losing control we gain another kind of flow-control or balance, and the rules change.

So heart and soul issues are more important than our conventional society acknowledges – they are central – but I believe it applies on all levels too, and much of the heart and soul stuff will get worked out at the multiplex coalfaces of human collective experience. Especially at its frontline extremes.  And, in the end, the climate crisis, for one, will become something else. Because so much of reality is created by the way we see things. Humanity is going through a phase of radical perceptual transformation, 2020s-2050s.

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