Focussing up to Community Adaptation

Online workshop: Thursday Oct 5, 2-4pm

Hosted by Schumacher Institute and Seeding our Future


As adaptation to climate change, food security and other issues becomes urgent, it’s clear that community-scale adaptation will be a crucial factor. But where are the templates, processes, role models, enabling networks? The aim of this workshop is to share knowledge between us on what’s available, where the gaps are, and how to fill them.

The workshop is intended for community groups, individuals, and organisations involved with community resilience, including NGOs. One aim is to help community groups to see how they can engage with and benefit from statutory frameworks, such as Local Resilience Forums. As a catalyst for our exploration, we’ll use Whatever Next: Risk Review – UK 2030, a new research report produced by Schumacher Institute and commissioned by Seeding our Future.


Alan Heeks has initiated a range of community resilience initiatives through his Seeding our Future project, with special interests in climate adaptation, food security, group dynamics and cohousing. He has wide experience of using Deep Adaptation processes.

Kathryn Monk is an ecologist and independent consultant, focussing on networks of collaboration to deliver sustainability. She was Head of Integrated Evidence at Natural Resources Wales and is now increasingly involved in more local community action in Bristol around environmental and well-being issues.

Ian Roderick is the founder and voluntary director of the Schumacher Institute, and plays a leading role in their research, teaching and pilot projects on many aspects of climate response, community resilience and systems thinking.


Group size limited to 20 people involved with community groups, no more than 2 attendees per group. Cost £10 (concessions £6). To apply for a place, please follow this link.