Taking climate responses beyond the usual suspects

Good news! It looks like this challenge is getting a bit easier. My hope arises from recent research by Climate Outreach, a UK charity (formerly called COIN) who specialise in communication strategies on climate issues. Climate Outreach and Cardiff University commissioned a major public opinion study in late 2019, which has encouraging findings, and plenty … Read more

Helping businesses get real about zero carbon

This guest blog is by Harry Humfrey, co-founder of a start-up business, aklimate, who have a very practical approach to helping businesses move towards zero carbon emissions. aklimate was started with a simple goal, to help businesses of all sizes join the net zero revolution. While it is a real cause for optimism that 65% … Read more

What we think about when we try not to think about global warming

By Per Espen Stoknes: guest blog by Jane Sanders There’s a Permaculture principle called the ‘edge effect’ which describes the incredible richness and diversity that is to be found where two habitats meet … for example the edge of a forest. This book brought this to mind as I experienced the weaving together of psychology … Read more

Earth Visit Report from Prostetnic Vogon Jelfs

To: Controller, Zone 581, LIP Group. (Less Interesting Planets) Your Greatship, I grovel before you as I make this report. This is the scheduled 50-year update on my visit to Earth in 1969. Your Greatship will recall that in 1969, the outlook here was promising. Many people were thinking about quality of life, there were … Read more