Earth Visit Report from Prostetnic Vogon Jelfs

To: Controller, Zone 581, LIP Group. (Less Interesting Planets) Your Greatship, I grovel before you as I make this report. This is the scheduled 50-year update on my visit to Earth in 1969. Your Greatship will recall that in 1969, the outlook here was promising. Many people were thinking about quality of life, there were … Read more

Worried about the forests? How we can help

Have you seen David Attenborough’s excellent recent documentary on climate change? The most shocking part for me was learning the extent of deforestation still going on across the world, and his statement that 30% of all emissions are due to deforestation: presumably including forest fires. My concern was deepened at an international climate change conference … Read more

A wider, wiser view of the climate crisis: Charles Eisenstein book:

Climate, a new story  Charles Eisenstein is a charismatic American writer and speaker, who has a devoted following. I’m not such a fan, but I do recommend his new book, and I was impressed by his session at the Findhorn climate change conference (see my blog on this here). In this book, he wisely highlights … Read more

This needs many mainstream miracles:

An update on the climate crisis The rapid rise in awareness of the climate change crisis since summer 2019 has been remarkable, and so are the causes. The Swedish teenager Greta Thonberg has been an extraordinary catalyst, leading to the school strikes. And grassroots movements like Extinction Rebellion from the UK and Sunrise in the … Read more