Bigger views on the climate crisis

Guest blog by Palden Jenkins Alan Heeks writes: Palden is an old friend, who plays a Merlin-like role in my life, popping up periodically with cryptic insights. He’s a deep thinker out of the box, a seer and astrologer, who usually offers a radically different point of view. If you’d like a further-out, interplanetary view … Read more

Nature Immersion for Climate Distress

A CPA-sponsored workshop for therapists and counsellors Tues May 17 – Wed May 18: Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury We can see that the climate crisis is worsening, and we need new ways to respond to rising climate distress. This experiential workshop is designed for therapists, counsellors and other professionals, offering you a chance to … Read more

Bridport Climate Cafés: Resource List

This offers suggestions for support with climate distress, including resources for young people, and some ways that you could take action. If you would like to see this document online, where the website links will be live, please see Personal Support Climate Psychology Alliance: The Get Support section of this website offers various … Read more

Bridport Climate Forums

Bridport Climate Forums Consultation sessions with community organisations and networks In person: November 23, 5.30-7.00pmOnline: November 24, 7.00-8.30pm These consultation meetings are being hosted by two local environmental organisations with support and input from Bridport Town Council. The aim is to bring together local organisations and networks of all kinds to explore together how we … Read more

BRI-CRI: Bridport Climate Response Initiative – proposal for consultation

Introduction: This outlines plans for a range of activities to widen the local community’s involvement in climate crisis responses, including emission and waste reductions, and raising resilience/emergency preparation. This document has been drafted by Seeding our Future as a basis for consultation with a range of local organisations to get their inputs and involvement. Context: … Read more

Bridport Climate Café: Thursdays November 18, December 9, 2-4pm at Soulshine Café, South Street

A climate café is an informal, supportive space where you can talk about your feelings on climate change. The group will be supported by trained volunteer facilitators: it’s a confidential space for respectful listening, whatever your views. All are welcome, including young adults from 16 up. It’s not a therapy group, and it’s not a … Read more

Book blog: The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller

Subtitle: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief You may have noticed, as I have, a growing number of grief tending workshops, grief rituals and similar events in recent years. What’s your reaction to them? I admit that mine has been a mix of mild interest and some resistance. Francis Weller is one … Read more

Nature Immersion Course for GPs – 21-22 October 2021

Overview The Tamar Faculty and the Hazel Hill Trust are delighted to be running this two day nature resilience immersion course with overnight stay.  It will offer a different way to gain new insights and skills and to raise your resilience and nourish your wellbeing. The course is being held at a farm located in … Read more